08:15 Wake up, being kissed
08:30 Weighing: 2 kilos less then yesterday
08:45 Breakfast in bed (orange juice, croissant). Opening present: f.e. expensive jewellery bought by a taking care partner
09:15 Hot bath wit aromatic oil
10:15 Work out with muscular and funny personal coach
10:30 Make-up, washing hair, drying the hair
12:00 Having lunch with the best friend in an expensive restaurant
12:45 Walk on to your boy-friends ex and notice she weighs 7 kilo's more than you do
13:00 Go shopping with friend and use a non limit creditcard
15:00 Afternoon nap
16:00 Receive 36 roses from a secret lover
16:15 Workout, after that massage by a strong but sensitive man who says he has never seen such a beautiful body
17:30 Find some Dior clothes, have your personal catwalk in front off the mirror
19:30 Candlelight dinner, slow music and classic dancing
22:00 Take a privat shower
22:50 Being brought to bed, sheeds are clean and fresh
23:00 Hugging
23:15 Fall a sleep in your lovers arms

6:00 Wake-up
6:15 Morning blow-job
6:30 Have a nice and long shit and read the sportspaper
7:30 Breakfast: bacon and egs, coffee and toast, cooked and served by the naked made
7:30 Limo is waiting outside
7:45 Have a few glasses of whisky and on the way to the airport
9:15 Fly in the privat jet
9:30 To the golfclub by limousine (blow-job during the ride)
9:45 Playing golf
11:45 Lunch: fast food, 3 beer, bottle off Dom Perignon
12:15 Blow-job
12:30 Playing golf
14:15 Back to the airport by limo (take a few glasses of whisky)
14:30 Monte Carlo
15:30 By fishboat to the sea, the whole crew is female and naked
17:00 Fly back home
18:45 Shit, shower, shave
19:00 On the news: Michael Jackson has been killed, marihuana and hardporno for free
19:30 Dinner: lobster, Dom Perignon (1953), kingsize steak, icecream served on naked tits
21:00 Cognac, cigar and huge big screen tv
21:30 Having sex with 3 women (all bisexual)
23:00 Massage and whirpool with pizza and beer
21:30 Evening blow-job
23:45 In bed all by your self
23:50 Loose gass for 12 seconds that plays 4 different tones and let the dog run out off the room




© 2001 - Ljiljana, Marša, Saša